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KLK Oleo Palmera & Palmosalt products : Glycerine, Short chain fatty acids , Lauric Acid, Stearic Acids, cosmetic raw materials, Palmkernel oil based fatty acids, Fatty Alcohol, soap flakes / noodles and bars from Malaysia and Germany.


Used in Pharmaceuticals, personal care products as mosturiser .

Used in cosmetic solvents as humectant, Food additives, feed Industry, As humidifier in Tobacco Industry , adhesives, agricultural industry, antifreeze products, manufacture of electrolytes drinks. Used as plastisizer and lubricants for the plastic industry and manufacture of paper, As conditioning agent in the production of epychlorhydrin, propylene glycol foams, nitroglycerine, alkyd resins for paints.

We have defiitely every grade of Glycerine available for all applications.
Usualy , we have it available for tank truck loads, as it is a volume product.
We can also pack it in drums, IBC or in Iso Container.

Short chain fatty acids: C8; C10 and mixture of C8-C10

Used in production of alkyl chlorides for aricultural products, methyl caprylate/caprate , fatty alcohols, acid chlorids, fatty acid isethionates, metallic soaps, fatty amines, MCT oils, polyol estersas lubricant in metal working and emoillient in personal care products, oxazolines for paint binder, Used in herbicide, animal feed (triglycerides) corrosion/rust inhibitors for antifreeze, flotation agent in mining creams and lotions formulations, pasticizers.


Lauric Acid:

Used in production of various esters, plastic Industry and Vinyl aditives.
Metallic soaps, fatty amine production


Stearic Acids:

Stearic acids are determined by the percentage they have.
The C18 content is the "Stearic" content.

We usually classify as follows: PALMERA B1810 with a  purity of 30-38% C18 download leaflet

RUBBER Grade Steraic Acid

Used in Rubber and Plastic production, Tyre production, crayon, cements coating, inks, leather waxes, lubricants, metal working, mining, pencils,textiles

PALMERA B1801 with a purity of 40-45% C18 download leaflet


Used in Candles aswell as Pharmaceutical Industry

Food, adhesives, capsules, ointments

 PALMERAB1802 with a purity of ca. 50% C18 download leaflet

BP Pharma Grade Stearic Acid

Personal care, cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, food emuslifiers and food supplements.


Cosmetic Grades are

PALMERA A5518 with a purity of min. 52% C!8 download leaflet

PALMERA A6518 with a purity of min. 65% C18 download leaflet

PALMERA A9218 with a purity of min. 92% C!8 download leaflet