The Picquic line of quality screwdrivers all feature the Thru-Handle instant bit change system, making bit changes very quick and easy.

I personally carry the Picquic in the front pocket of my cargo shorts  and carry it with me into every service call. Picquic saves me time and many steps. 

Check out these features on every standard screwdriver:

o    All Powerbits are made of extra-hard steel. Can be used in power drivers, too!

o    Most models have the common 1/4" hex bits.

o    Screwdriver shafts have hex bolsters, so extra torque can be applied to the shaft for tightening or loosening those tough screws, bolts or nuts.

o    Strong, strong handles. Well balanced, great grip and feel for best torque. Most models come in a variety of handle colors.

o    High force magnetic bit holder.

o    Lifetime warranty against defects. Made in Canada.

These tools are easily recognized as a superb value. A Picquic in your hands will feel balanced, gutsy and very convenient for bit changing. I wish I could be there to watch your reaction as you handle the screwdriver for the first time.


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Instant Bit change and storage system saves time & eliminates lost bits.


Comfortable, solid handle provides maximum torque.


Precision machined cold formed stainless steel or aricraft alloy shank ensures positive torque-transfer & years of heavy use.


Magnetic bitholder retains working bit securely.


Extra length 3" powerbits in the standard-size drivers allow extended reach; bits are hex shaped & ideal for powerdriving